made in japan


ARPANEL company from Arstone Claddings Ltd., specializes in importing and supplying fiber cement boards and other cladding solutions.

The company's founder and CEO, Mr. Avi Rosenberg, has been in the field of claddings and marble industry for over 25 years. The knowledge, experience and reputation he has accumulated place the company at the top of the companies engaged in the field, and undoubtedly leads the market in innovation and professionalism.

Arpanel imports the Fiber Cement boards from Nichiha Japan.


About Nichiha

The company was established in 1956 as a division of the parent company "Mitsui" which is one of the largest companies in the world in the field of raw materials.

Nichia is a company that specializes in the production of special panels for exterior cladding and of course interiors.


The company has eight factories in Japan and additional two in the United States.

The company works to match the panels in terms of colours, models and textures that will suit every architect, designer, contractor and entrepreneur. Of these, there are over 600 models of fibre cement boards.

The Material

The panels are composed of an alloy of concrete, wood chips, stainless steel chips and special polymers that combine the materials in a very high pressure pressing process, followed by a cooking process, which brings this material to the status of a very strong material and even defined as "strongest in the world".


The whole process of manufacturing the panels is done with green economic energy, which gives another great advantage.


Panel size 16/455 / 1820-3030 mm. I.e. thickness, width, and two lengths.

The panels come and are assembled using the plug socket method with the help of unique hidden clips.

The cladding method is in dry cladding on a dedicated aluminum construction.